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Refund Policy

Thank you for visiting UTRUST online store. The below policies apply to utruststore.com. Your trust and information is extremely important to us at UTRUST.


Brand of payments ? a signature, term, sign, symbol or combination of these elements in a physical or digital format capable of identifying the?payment system within which payment transactions are carried out.
Business days ? the days which are open for business. Official work day of the week other than Saturdays and Sundays.
Customer ? a natural person who acts in payment service contracts and in contracts entered into with electronic money issuers, for purposes unrelated to their commercial, business or professional activities (?you? and ?buyer? hereinafter).
Day ? a calendar day.
Dispute ? a situation in which a customer requests a solution relating to order-related issues.
Instrument of payment ? custom device or set of procedures agreed between the user and the payment service provider and that the payment service user makes use of to issue a payment order.
Mediation ? is a free tool used by the customer/buyer who has not received a satisfactory response to their dispute. UTRUST proposes a solution under the grounds of customer care (?Buyer Protection? hereinafter), without prejudice of access to an arbitration center when in discordance.
Mobile Wallet ? A virtual wallet that allows customers to give payment orders, top-up cryptocurrency and check balance information, enabling quick and easy payments.
Payment order ? an instruction given by a payer or a payee to his payment service provider requesting the execution of a payment transaction.
Services ? all products, services, content, features, technologies or functions offered by us and all related sites, applications and services.



Payment exceptions

1. Underpayment

Underpayments occur when the buyer sends less than the full amount required to mark the order as paid. Since the order is not fully paid or complete, the funds do not get applied. The buyer has the ability to request a refund of the partial payment directly from the purchase payment confirmation email. UTRUST may also send an email to the buyer to request a refund for the partial payment.

2. Overpayment

Overpayments occur when the buyer sends above the full amount required. Once the payment status is “complete”, the funds to mark the invoice as fully paid are applied. The buyer has the ability to request a refund of the excess funds directly from the purchase payment confirmation email. UTRUST may also send an email to the buyer to request a refund for the partial payment.

3. Expired payment

When a customer pays for an item via UTRUST, there is a 15-minute window until the payment expires. If no payment has been made within that window, the order will expire and a new one will need to be created.

Since cryptocurrency is a push payment and permissionless, the payment will still be processed by the decentralized network. UTRUST will see that a payment has been made after the payment window has expired and will mark the payment as delayed.

4. Won dispute

You may be reimbursed only if all the requirements below are accomplished:

a) The refund motive must be one of the following: You did not receive your purchase (NR) within the maximum estimated delivery date; The purchase was Materially Different from the Described (MDD), i.e.,? the purchased material should be significantly different from the last available description. This means that you received a different product from the described or in a different number from what you requested.

Note: The protection is excluded when a defect is already predicted in the description

b) You followed the established deadlines;

c) UTRUST has made a decision in your favor.

If the decision is in your favor, you will be credited with the full payment amount.

5. Right to withdrawal

Customers have the right to cancel and return their order within 14 days, for any reason and with no justification. You shall be reimbursed without any additional costs, without undue delay and in any event.



General terms for problem resolutions under Buyer Protection

You are able to open a dispute within 60 days of the date the payment was made. UTRUST may refuse to open the dispute after this deadline.

UTRUST has 30 business days to resolve the problem and notify you.

Note that the information provided shall be true and reliable. False and inaccurate information may invalidate your eligibility to get refunded. If we can?t correlate your identity elements with the correspondent order you are not able to open a dispute and correspondingly, not being refunded (whenever you are eligible to it).

You shall be accessible in a timely manner to cooperate with UTRUST. Before making a final decision, UTRUST may request your collaboration to proceed with the resolution. If you refuse to provide information or do not collaborate correspondingly, UTRUST may not decide in your favor.


Always look for a friendly resolution. The first step should always be to contact UTRUST?s Support Team.

Check if you provided the right and accurate details concerning your shipping address and /or identification elements.

UTRUST Support Service can give full support on issues related to unauthorized transactions or any other matter that may be causing concern.



UTRUST may, at any time, modify this policy, provided that it informs you of the changes to be introduced, with a minimum notice of 60 (sixty) days with respect to the date of or less prior notice to the extent permitted by law. The updated full version of these terms will be permanently available online, and any additional information may be provided through the established communication channels.



If Users have any questions relating to this Policy, the User?s rights and obligations arising from these terms and/or User?s use of the site and the services, or any other matter, please contact support@utrust.com